About Sloth Stitch

Hi I'm Kate and I'm excited to bring fun, colourful and modern cross stitch kits and patterns to the New Zealand market.

I have been stitching since I was 8 years old (it was a little hot air balloon on 14ct Aida) and I have loved it ever since. I love cross stitch patterns that are colourful, easy-to-stitch (no French knots, quarter stitches or even backstitch for me if I can help it!).

I believe cross stitch is a great way to relax your mind and de-stress as well as providing a sense of accomplishment when you see your beautiful creation when it's finished.

I have designed a few patterns myself (under the Simplistitch brand on this website or you can download pdfs of my patterns from my Etsy store), but I know my limitations and would rather use my marketing skills (from my other day job!) to bring amazing patterns from all over the world to the New Zealand market. 

I currently live in Havelock North, New Zealand with my husband and two kids. I have also lived in Australia and the UK (where my husband and kids are from), but these days we're enjoying a slower paced life in sunny Hawke's Bay, NZ!